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Jury verdict sends troubling message

I was simply aghast after reading that Pitkin County jurors did not find Robert Rice, 43, guilty of racial bias against the unnamed Hispanic man that Rice threatened (“Man who insulted boss guilty of harassment, not racial bias,” April 7, 2017, The Aspen Times).

How was Rice privy to the Latino’s citizenship status? Such terms as “wetback” and “illegal” are most certainly biased comments. Had such disparaging remarks been made about other minorities or religious groups, such as Muslims or Jews, this behavior would not be tolerated, nor should it be. However, with the current political climate in America, some individuals now feel emboldened to hurl such atrocities left and right; and it is met with acceptance.

For all its notoriety as a progressive community, it appears that in Pitkin County there exists an underlying belly seething with micro aggressions. Sadly, this outcome should put all Latinos in the county, particularly their children, on alert.

Louisa B. Caucia

Montrose, California