Johnston is the choice for governor |

Johnston is the choice for governor

We are blessed (or cursed) with an embarrassment of riches — four very qualified progressive candidates competing for the Democratic Party nomination for governor of Colorado (June 26 voting deadline). Laurie and I have met three of them at meet and greets, watched two Colorado Public TV debates and supported all of them with modest donations.

We have decided that we’ll be enthusiastically supporting Mike Johnston for governor!

This in no way diminishes the impressive qualifications of Jared Polis, Donna Lynne or Cary Kennedy, although we’re not impressed with Cary’s handling of her Super PAC’s attack-ad violation of the Clean Campaign pledge all four made. We are very impressed with Jared’s self-made entrepreneurial wealth and his ability to self-finance, but we hate to think money buys elections.

Mike Johnston is a very smart and equally down-to-earth practical progressive. He is a creative solution seeker and absolutely fearless when it comes to dealing collaboratively with those one would think are his sworn enemies, like the NRA. His records as a school teacher, high school principal and Colorado state senator are impeccable. Mike understands leadership and fills that role admirably and without hesitation.

At 43, Mike has a huge future in public service. Colorado will be well-served to take full advantage of that!

As an aside, we watched the Republican nomination debate Thursday night. Pretty clear that there is the GOP and the TNP, and where the two meet is a good question, except that banning assault weapons is not on the table. Apparently one in every classroom (or lunch box) a better solution.

James and Laurie Solomon Noyes