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Jimmy the scientist

Aspen Science Center would like to express our thanks and deep gratitude to Jimmy Yeager, Steven Trom, and all of the staff at Jimmy’s Restaurant for hosting us for Science Sundays again this spring.

Jimmy is not just a world-class restaurateur, he is also a scientist himself. He is highly educated in the techniques for making crystal clear ice, which is a lot more complicated than you are thinking, as we learned at Science Sundays. His success in this arena is the result of persistence, inquiry and experimentation, the hallmarks of good science. He uses his expertise not only to produce totally clear ice cubes (and spheres) for masterful cocktails but also in ice sculpting, and mixology. All of these things require an understanding of science.

During Science Sundays we transform Jimmy’s into a mini science center, with lots of hands on (and sometimes messy!) demonstrations and experiments for kids (and adults)! When the liquid nitrogen and vacuum chamber come out, sometimes the parents are more interested than the kids! We’ve got slime, silly putty, bubbles floating on carbon dioxide, electricity and magnetism, light-changing beads and writing with light, a vortex canon, experiments with graphene and ice, and more. The occasion offers easily four hours of entertainment, so we have many repeat customers! If you’re lucky you’ll hear Jimmy hold forth with clarity and precision on directional freezing.

The final Science Sunday will be from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday at the restaurant. Your $10 admission fee covers a light lunch of sandwiches and salads. Seriously, where in Aspen can you get lunch and four hours of educational fun for the kids for only $10? We have comfy chairs and tables to sit at — it’s a fun social time to meet new people in a fun and relaxed setting. We only warn you that you may find it very difficult to get your kids to leave!

Over the years, Jimmy Yeager has been and continues to be a devout supporter of Aspen Science Center. Thank you, Jimmy, for all of your help!

David Houggy

President, Aspen Science Center