Jesus was a refuge |

Jesus was a refuge

Like many, I was saddened and outraged by Donald Trump’s latest executive order to halt the entry of all refugees from countries where the humanitarian crisis is most dire. Saddened because we are in the midst of the worst refugee crisis in decades. Millions and millions are fleeing. Countries with so few resources are opening their doors and showing compassion. The leader of the free world is saying, “Go away.”

Outraged because I am a committed Christian. We all know that Trump purposefully courted the Evangelical vote to gain power — he would not be president if he had not masterfully manipulated so many Christians into voting for him. Well, Mr. Trump, you need to read your Bible. Matthew 2:14 says, “So he got up, took the child and his mother during the night and left for Egypt.”

The God who made the universe chose for his son to be a refugee, fleeing persecution in the middle of the night. Why? Clearly because God cares about refugees, both then and now. Throughout the Old and New Testaments, we are instructed to welcome the alien, share our abundant provisions with those who have none and care for the most marginalized and vulnerable in society. Who is more desperate than a refugee? Wasn’t America built on Christian standards? Weren’t our forefathers motivated to create a society based on freedom but more importantly one that honored their Christian God, Jesus Christ, who himself was a refugee?

I am a new migrant to the U.S. I know first hand how thorough the vetting process is to enter the U.S. It takes ages, costs heaps and is very, very detailed. The background checks are massive, as well as a detailed police check from Australia, I had to provide police checks from the U.K., even though I had not lived there for 30 years. My children, who were 19 and 21, had to sign for the draft, which they were happy to do. This is the same for every single person entering the U.S. either as a refugee or as a new resident. Every American can be confident that the system already in place to protect us from terrorists entering is a really good and solid system.

The U.S. is receiving worldwide condemnation for this latest Trump tirade. Christians especially should be vocal in saying, “We must build bridges and not walls, protect people rather than protect towers.” We need to look at the warnings from history. Are we so arrogant to think that God is on the side of the U.S. in 2017? So many regimes before us have used fear and the supposed endorsement of God to promote their own evil agenda.

God is clearly on the side of the refugee. God became man and was called Jesus Christ. He lived in our world to save us and to set us free. Jesus Christ was a refugee. Would we in the U.S. now not let Jesus in? Read your Bible, Mr. Trump.

Lynette Gregory


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