Jeffrey Evans for Pitkin County commissioner |

Jeffrey Evans for Pitkin County commissioner

Who might possibly vote for Jeffrey Evans? Well, maybe you downvalley Pitkin County voters who are tired of fighting the daily traffic backups at the airport heading into Aspen. Vote for an independent thinker who has researched the Entrance to Aspen for decades and will get you the answers you are looking for regarding this issue.

And for you Aspen voters, Jeffrey has been one of the individuals who has diligently worked the 12-hour night shift for the local taxi company, getting late-night riders home safely. Jeffrey is a working guy who has been getting people to their destinations for decades. Or you can vote for his opposition. Someone who won’t ask the tough questions about the Entrance to Aspen. Pitkin County was adamant that the Entrance to Aspen would not be an item to be discussed with regard to “Airport Vision” ground transportation options. How could it not be? Let’s get some answers. Vote for Jeffrey Evans.

Tom Coggins