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Jacober’s concerns are county wide, not just Aspen

Redstone, Pitkin County, matters too. Not just when its time to collect our taxes, our construction permit fees and COVID-19 compliance plans for businesses, but especially when its time to elect our Pitkin District 5 commissioner. The District 5 commissioner is elected to represent the specific interests and concerns of the Pitkin areas outside of Aspen, including Redstone and the Crystal Valley.

Francie Jacober has taken the time to meet with Redstone residents and business owners, to acquaint herself with our local Pitkin County issues, and has clearly demonstrated that she cares about the larger Pitkin County issues, including the environment, the schools and the overall quality of all of our lives in Pitkin County. Everybody knows and hears and cares about the entrance to Aspen, but where have you been Jeffrey Evans, our Crystal Valley District 5 candidate? Not in the Crystal Valley. And why are you running for District 5 commissioner if your interest is solely Aspen? There’s a lot more going on in Pitkin County. All of the residents of Pitkin County lose out if they vote for a candidate who focuses on one issue.

Andrea Garr