It’s up to us |

It’s up to us

It is with great appreciation and thanks to the Aspen Ski Co., that for decades, my husband and I have hiked and skinned with our dogs up the Tiehack side of Buttermilk Ski Area. Sunrises and sunsets from the top of Tiehack have been an integral part of our winters. We are sad to hear that we may all lose the privilege of having time exercising and enjoying the mountains with each other and our dogs due to the careless behaviors and actions of some. In the online version of a recent article, Skico stated that they will revisit their policy for dogs this summer. We have a chance to let them know that we can work within the realities of their winter operating hours. We locals have the opportunity to team up and be responsible citizens so that extreme measures need not be taken. We don’t have to lose our privileges as dog owners.

To Aspen Ski Co.: Thank you for all that you do and we hope, with great earnest, that you reconsider your policy on dogs and leave one venue of this wonderful National Forest open for people with dogs. We are a community. We work together. We live together. We are all here for a better quality of life, and we are all better off if we respect each other and appreciate what each and every one of us brings to the Aspen valley.

Megan Harvey Bourke