It’s time to pave Marolt |

It’s time to pave Marolt

Of late there have been several letters about traffic congestion in and out of Aspen. This has become an age-old saga.

Tolls on Highway 82, light rail, a wider bridge, no cars and more parking have been themes. To a lesser extent has been the concept of a four-lane bridge and Highway 82 through the Marolt preserve, sacred ground to many, while Aspen itself has become a wonderful community and visitor attraction to many more. Marmots are cute. They have not protested in the past when this issue has been raised. It may be time to reconsider.

The existing 82 from the circle to Cemetery Lane could become Marolt property, as a road and bridge runs through the preserve to a direct main street entry (and bridge). There would be little loss of land for the animals and the lovers. In the past others have suggested elevating the roadway, even creating a tunnel. Where there is a will there is a way to accomplish this meaningful improvement for Aspen.

City Council may keep pushing this issue into the pile “for future discussion,” but that just delays the only and most meaningful solution to the traffic problem. Even those in the West End should embrace this concept to keep down the nuisance traffic they do not enjoy in their neighborhood.

Thomas Balderston

Snowmass Village

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