It’s time for Diane Mitsch Bush to get her shot |

It’s time for Diane Mitsch Bush to get her shot

It’s time for a change in Washington. It’s time for us to have a representative who cares more for the people than for party politics and their paycheck. It’s time for our representatives to work together, across the aisle. It’s time for us, the people, to make that change.

It’s time to send Diane Mitsch-Bush to Washington DC to represent the 3rd Congressional District of Colorado.

I first met Diane in 2007 after she was elected as a Routt County commissioner while I was a county commissioner in Gunnison County. When she moved on from county policy, I continued to follow her career as a Colorado state legislator. Diane is a person of deep character and integrity. Diane is always well-informed and does her homework. She understands an issue from all aspects before casting a vote.

One of Diane’s greatest attributes is her ability to work across party lines and build consensus. It isn’t always easy to build this consensus, however, 85% of the bills Diane sponsored as a Colorado state legislator had bipartisan support. It is this kind of tenacity that we need in Washington DC!

From building a robust, diverse economy to investing in public education; from protecting our public lands to increased funding for mental health; from continued support of agriculture to understanding the need to invest in broadband; Diane understands the needs and issues facing the 3rd Congressional district. Go to and learn more about her. Then, please, join me in casting your vote for Diane Mitsch-Bush this June and again in November to represent us in Washington!

Paula Swenson