It’s not much to mask up in Aspen |

It’s not much to mask up in Aspen

Hello, Mr. Hairston Jr. from Dallas. To quote you, “Fear and isolation breeds a frozen human spirit, which is more lethal than any virus.” (“Living in fear will be Aspen’s demise,” letters, Aug. 23,

Well, sir, I’d love to see the scientific theory or study behind that comment. Did you bring that statistic from Texas with you to Colorado? I’m just trying to clarify your view here, as you seem concerned that local businesses will have to shut down if people don’t follow state-mandated guidelines, yet you simultaneously defy the mask mandate.

Again to quote you: “The new normal does not and will not discriminate; it will destroy Aspen, and there are no economic vaccines for dead local businesses.” So again, I’m just clarifying, you’re not from here, you bring false theories and claims that mask mandates are more lethal than a virus that has killed over 150,000 Americans.

In addition, now you’re telling locals what will destroy Aspen and kill local businesses. Wow, sir, you really brought a lot of Texas to Colorado with you. Here in the Roaring Fork Valley, we don’t love wearing masks either, just as you don’t in Texas. However, we wear them to support the local businesses as not wearing one, as you did not, jeopardizes those local businesses. We have seen multiple local businesses have to close down for an extended period of time because of positive COVID-19 tests. So, instead of coming to Aspen, not wearing your mask, then complaining to the local newspaper that you were berated by the manager for not wearing the mandated mask while indoors, could you simply put on your mask? Or, go back to Dallas. Either one will suffice.

Anthony Rizzuto

Woody Creek

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