It’s all too exhausting |

It’s all too exhausting

Climate change, caused by global warming, is on us like a runaway freight train. Things are getting worse and faster. We aren’t making the changes needed to change the situation. Most of the greenhouse gas produced in the U.S. comes from vehicles. Something has to be done about that.

Americans buy some 17 million vehicles every year. The average life span of a new vehicle is 12 years. That is 12 more years of pollution. Electric vehicles are coming but are currently a small percentage. Watch television and you are bombarded by commercials about driving gasoline-burning cars doing everything from driveways to tearing up mountain meadows. Any ads for electric?

Oil companies and car-makers are completely happy about selling these cars. We know now these industries knew about global warming and kept the information from the public to keep making huge profits.

As I watch these cars roll by my office window, it strikes me that I don’t see any evidence of the pollution coming out of the tailpipe. We don’t see it or smell it.

So here is the idea du jour. Let’s add a material to the gas or to the exhaust the produces colored smoke and a noxious smell. Let’s call a spade a spade. Car exhausts are killing us. People drive around like they aren’t doing anything wrong at all. It is not so.That has to stop —now!

Patrick Hunter



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