It’s about easy access to guns, and they know it |

It’s about easy access to guns, and they know it

Texas Gov. Abbott in a televised press conference Wednesday morning said more and better mental health care would solve America’s gun problem.

The shooter in Uvalde had never been diagnosed with, nor treated for, mental illness. Had Texas boasted the best mental health care in the country, these children would still have been shot. Had there been a mental health clinic on every street corner in Uvalde, Texas, these children would still have been shot.

Why don’t they get it? They do get it. It’s not about mental health and they know it. It’s about an 18-year-old being able to buy a gun without a background check, about anyone being able to buy an automatic weapon. They do get it but the issue of gun control and their power over it is more important to them than children’s lives. And Abbott called Beto O’Rourke a “sick SOB” for interrupting his precious press conference on mental health with talk of gun control.

Who is sick in this picture? Abbott, for using our country’s poor mental health care as an excuse for our abysmal record of gun violence? Or O’Rourke, for calling out for the truth and demanding solutions?

Sue Craver


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