Issue 3A makes sense for Basalt |

Issue 3A makes sense for Basalt

As previous mayor of Basalt and past town council member, I am totally in support of ballot issue 3A. Seldom do we have the opportunity to gain so much for the community without a tax increase. Due to the prudent and forward thinking Basalt council and staff, we have nearly retired our previous bonds and will maintain our current tax level while adding much-needed infrastructure improvements.

Community participation drove the prioritization of various exciting projects proposed in 3A. The citizens supported the prospect of funding for additional affordable housing, implementation of important green projects (such as a one-half meg solar array with storage!) and beautification plus infrastructure upgrades for Midland Avenue streets and sidewalks. These projects would not be possible without the passage of this ballot initiative.

Please support 3A to improve our community without increasing taxes over their current amount.

Jacque Whitsitt