Israel’s policy of dominance |

Israel’s policy of dominance

Israel wants all of historic Palestinian land, not peace. In 1948, Israel got about 77 percent of Palestinian land for their state. In 1967, it occupied the West Bank and continues a brutal military occupation, destroying Palestinian homes leaving families homeless so Jewish-only settlements can be built (a violation of international law). Israel has destroyed thousands of olive trees and other crops, stifling the Palestinian economy.

Israel continues to blockade and control Gaza. It periodically bombs targeting hospitals, schools, apartment complexes, utilities and U.N. shelters. The blockade denies much reconstruction material and food. Gaza is projected to be uninhabitable by 2020.

While visiting Israel and the West Bank, I was told by Israeli Jews that God gave them this land and all Arabs/Palestinians should leave. In Israel itself, it discriminates against the 18 percent Arab Israelis as they pay the same taxes as Israeli Jews but only receive a fraction of the services. There are very noticeable differences between Jewish and Palestinian neighborhoods.

Israel’s policies are directed at killing and making life so unbearable that Palestinians will leave and Israel can have all of the West Bank and Gaza plus a majority Jewish State. A book to show how the U.S. contributes to this situation is “Obstacles to Peace: The U.S. Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.”

Cathleen Krahe