Israel’s hands not totally clean |

Israel’s hands not totally clean

There is much to praise in Mr. David Kudish’s lengthy letter to the editor of Jan. 13 (“Israel has been an accommodating neighbor,” Jan. 13, 2017, The Aspen Times).

He is particularly eloquent on Israel’s status as the lone democratic beacon in its troubled region, likewise on Israel’s vital bond with the United States.

I disagree, however, with Mr. Kudish on one essential point, namely, his assertion that Israel’s Arab Muslims are “full citizens of Israel.” I have read altogether too many credible accounts in the mainstream press pointing to discrimination suffered by Israel’s Arab minority citizens to trust Mr. Kudish on the matter. On the contrary, I have the clear impression that Arab Israelis do not enjoy the same level of rights and benefits as do Jewish Israelis.

While I strongly support the State of Israel, I continue to believe that its treatment of its Arab citizens is hardly in keeping with Judaism’s long tradition of compassion and inclusiveness.

Donald Wilson

St. Louis