Israel, U.S. benefit from alliance |

Israel, U.S. benefit from alliance

This letter is in response to Cathleen Krahe’s letter questioning the United States financial support of Israel (“Questionable alliance between U.S., Israel,” March 15, The Aspen Times).

Needless to say, every American citizen has the right to question our government’s policies but to insinuate that the government’s policies toward giving aid to Israel during the past 50 years — by all administrations during that time period — is based on lobbying and not on sound geopolitical judgement is not only ludicrous and insulting to our government, but shows a lack of understanding of Middle East politics.

The close alliance between Israel and the United States is mutually beneficial; Israel being the only true democracy in the Middle East, it represents and projects American ideals and principles throughout the area; it counters dictatorships and gives the millions of destitute peoples in the surrounding countries hope and the realization what a democracy can achieve without any natural resources or large land masses; Israel saves the American government billions of dollars by allowing it to avoid the need for a standing army in the area to protect its interests. Much of the aid given to Israel comes back to the USA with the purchasing of armaments. The sharing of intelligence is extremely important and invaluable in the prevention of terrorist attacks emanating from the area, and lastly a close ally of Israel for over 50 years would not abandon a faithful trustworthy partner when it is threatened by surrounding states dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

Donald Norris