ISIS Theatre is one of Aspen’s last gathering spots

Many years ago when the ISIS Theatre changed hands, the prior owner, the Historic Preservation Commission and the community wished it to remain as a movie theater.

This was accomplished by allowing the new owner to place a free-market condo on the roof, giving him the monetary relief he needed. This agreement remains recorded and should follow title and be legally enforced. Historic preservation is about preservation of vibrant livable communities, and buildings are one of the tools used to accomplish this.

What needs to be saved are what I call profound meeting places. These are where citizens of all ages, shapes and gender can meet, see each other and generally participate as neighbors. There is no place left in Aspen, other than the ISIS, where a family can drop off their children and grandpa for a few hours of safe fun with other friends and neighbors. Contrary to some beliefs, the movie industry and theaters are in great shape and will come out of the pandemic stronger than ever.

AMC Entertainment Holdings stock recently went from $5 to $60 and settled back to a comfortable $50 level.This positive view of the movie industry is reflected throughout the entire industry. Any problems at the ISIS could be solved with better management and some money coming out of the Wheeler fund, which should go directly to pay off the ISIS debt. It and the Wheeler are the only two remaining places that meet the community need.

Les Holst

Sarasota, Florida