Is Rob Ittner Aspen’s Warren Buffet? |

Is Rob Ittner Aspen’s Warren Buffet?

Robert “Rob” Ittner in trying to become the comeback politician with supposedly business smarts makes himself really a laughing stock in business, political economy, economic geography, and finance capital circles and nearly everywhere else under the sun in “Local restaurant feeling crunch of housing, employment” (Aspen Daily News, June 2).

The comeback political business whiz kid admits “he doesn’t know the solution” except to warn of tremendous incremental restaurant menu item price increases “to sustain a profitability level to be in business here (in Aspen).”

When he last faced Patti Clapper in the political arena to hold onto his then Pitkin County Board of Trustee Commissioner seat, he got whipped and sent packing back to his Rustique Bistro in Aspen as he cooked up his second Aspen business the Cooking School of Aspen (with an ongoing cabaret).

Let’s not forget Ittner hired a chef for his bistro and begged the public to help the guy find housing while Ittner lives comfortably in an employee-housing project ownership townhome with at least two bedrooms and possibly three bedrooms.

The Ittner pad’s July 10, 2002 purchase price was $454,321 which in May 2014 was valued at $669,366 and mostly likely still climbing in today’s price controlled public housing project market. So Patti Clapper faces off again against an interesting character living in public housing program who has a fabulous personal fortune which include his business holdings that should be easily valued in the many of millions of dollars.

Ittner seems to show he can beat the local housing and employment crunch year after year on his own, so why doesn’t this Aspen Warren Buffet teach his secrets to the desperate destitute lowly class restaurant workers who he and his fellow restaurant industry peers, owners and bosses hire?

Emzy Veazy III


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