Is it fascism writer wants?

I’m writing in response to Fred Malo’s March 22 letter, “Setting the Stage for AOC.” Mr. Malo’s comments are both racist and ill-informed. However, his commentary is truthful about one thing, when he says, “there is a lot I don’t understand about black people.” When Fred wonders why “blacks” won’t vote for Bernie over Joe Biden, Mr. Malo, the first thing you don’t understand is your reference to the term “blacks.”

The U.S. citizens and the members of this race are Americans and prefer to be called African-Americans. They are also individuals and do not necessarily vote as a group. It appears you can’t comprehend.

African-Americans have a mind of their own and possibly are able to see that Bernie Sanders’ socialist policies will destroy America. You say that you have never experienced Bernie tell a lie. The problem is Bernie has never told the truth. Although he has numerous times been directly asked how his proposed social programs will be paid, he has never given a comprehensive or straight answer. Socialism kills incentive.

Before the current virus crises, the economy was booming and all races and women were enjoying the highest employment in the history of our country. Bernie and you want to change that? Your last line of your letter is telling. You wish the baby boomers to die off faster. Then possibly, it’s really fascism you prefer … the heck with democracy, if we don’t win, just line them up and shoot them, yes?

David Fields