Ireland too devisive for assessor |

Ireland too devisive for assessor

We’re all about to receive our ballots for the November election. It’s time to focus on the candidates.

The candidacy of Mick Ireland for Pitkin County assessor got my attention. They say that politics is a profession where people routinely “fail up.” Ireland is an example of that old adage. He managed to find a steady paycheck, first as a county commissioner then as mayor of Aspen. Relevant issues in his political history are well-documented at The site was prepared by others coincident to his failed attempt a few years ago to be elected to the Aspen City Council. Apparently, the citizens of Aspen have good memories. Let’s hope those memories remain vivid as they vote in the upcoming election.

A quick viewing of the site will remind all of us that his terms as mayor were often distinguished by bitter and divisive controversies as well as an autocratic manner. Mick further distinguished himself by creating a public disturbance, which according to our local newspapers (Aug. 7, 2014) resulted in an altercation with an elderly gentleman.

Ireland once again finds himself available. A careful reading of his campaign position (more computerization, longer hours, yawn, yawn) makes it very clear that this is an anemic attempt to get back on the public payroll.

You can be confident that, if elected, Mick’s style will once again divide the community while he tries desperately to be relevant.

Tom Isaac, the retired Pitkin County assessor, did a fine job of being fair, keeping drama and employee turnover to a minimum, and responding to citizens’ needs.

Deb Bamesberger will continue this legacy. Vote for Deb!

Michael Stolper