Ireland outlines plan |

Ireland outlines plan

I am seeking election as the Pitkin County assessor because I believe my experience, education and integrity can improve the efficiency and transparency of the services offered by the office.

The assessor does not lower or raise taxes. The voters and elected officials control tax rates and the treasurer collects taxes. The primary responsibility of the Assessor’s Office is to fairly value property in accordance with the constitutional mandates of the Gallagher (1982) and TABOR (1992) amendments.

For residential property owners, valuation must be done using only comparable market data. Whether it is your fifth home or your tiny home, the standard is the same. Commercial property is also valued according to strict rules that apply regardless of who owns the property.

I have been a hearing officer for the Pitkin County Assessor’s Office for more than a decade and have heard hundreds of appeals. I am attorney with a tax emphasis degree. My background will aid in applying the standard fairly and understanding when individual circumstances affect a taxpayer’s property adversely.

My plan:

1. Create one-stop access for taxpayers by incorporating software that provides access to all the information affecting a valuation including maps, measurements and comparable properties.

2. Improve efficiency in the office with software that allows appraisers to spend more time appraising and less time entering data.

3. Downvalley office hours in Redstone, Basalt and Snowmass (Old and New).

Please be registered and vote on or before Nov. 6. Visit for details on our campaign.

Mick Ireland