Ireland has the work ethic |

Ireland has the work ethic

Vote for Deb Bamesberger — if you want to spend your tax dollars on someone who plays Pokemon while on the clock and plans to spend work time at the hot springs. This does not sound like someone willing to do any work. She is not a smart choice, Pitkin County.

Mick Ireland was begged to run for the assessor position by many people who fear the alternative. He has a lot of support from community leaders who strongly believe that he is the best fit for this job. He has more integrity and professionalism in his little finger than the alternative.

Regardless of your issues with Mick’s decisions of the past, he is the best choice due to the fact that he is willing to work and not be a slacker and he cares for this community.

Do you want to pay for someone to play Pokemon or someone who works hard?

I’m asking you to please support Mick for us.

Jennifer Storck