Ireland best suited for assessor

Mick Ireland is best qualified for Pitkin County Assessor.

When I was a reporter at The Aspen Times, I covered Ireland when he was a county commissioner. I can say that he is one of the hardest working and most community-minded public servants I encountered in 17 years as a working journalist.

Ireland has always wanted to make things work better for the public. As a county commissioner, he was instrumental in the adoption of rural and remote zoning that protected backcountry in-holdings from becoming mega mansions. As Aspen’s mayor, he helped draw international-caliber bicycle races to town, and he helped revise the zoning rules to halt residential construction in the commercial core. Ireland has been a longtime and effective advocate for affordable housing.

Finally, Ireland pays his taxes. His opponent has a spotty record in paying hers. Pitkin County deserves an assessor who is well organized, responsible and has the best interests of the county residents in mind. Vote Mick Ireland for County Assessor.

Allyn Harvey