Integrity, honesty, courage |

Integrity, honesty, courage

Where has it gone? It certainly isn’t in the White House! I am exhausted after two years of lies, corruption and chaos from the Trump presidency. I would think everyone would be tired of it all, that we would all want to fight for our freedoms and honesty.

I don’t understand folks still standing behind the current president and his policies, from denying climate change, children still separated from their parents and calling the Russian investigation a hoax when people from his own administration have pleaded guilty and been indicted, his assault on women having been sexually abused and his own denial of sexually assaulting women, and last, but not least, nothing being done about much needed restrictions on gun sales and laws.

Hurricane Michael is the worst storm to ever hit the Florida Panhandle. This makes me think of the stage play of the ’60s, “Hair,” where in one of the songs, the line was, “In the year 2025, if man is still alive and can survive!” That is only a few short years away. It was reported last week by scientists that by 2040, our planet will be inhabitable, desolate and everyone will be searching for food. I won’t be around, but my grandchildren may be. Do you folks denying climate change and global warming ever think of the future and your grandchildren?

Justice Brett Kavanaugh has just joined the highest court of our nation, even though the majority of Americans believed Prof. Blassey Ford, and since they did, he would have been lying. I question the morals of the Republican Party.

Wake up America! Get informed and get to the polls in just a few short weeks, and try to change the direction of this country.

Linda Carr


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