Infinite development will destroy valley |

Infinite development will destroy valley

So, Andrew Scott in his recent letter is whining about the 1% real estate transfer tax going toward preserving open space in the valley (“All open space with no place to live,” Feb. 14, The Aspen Times).

I know it sucks, Andrew, that instead of the concrete jungle you so seem to desire we’ll actually have open space and wildlife habitat for future generations to enjoy.

Oh, and just in case you didn’t know, hundreds of housing units have been approved and are currently under construction, mostly in the midvalley.

If you let everyone live here who wants to live here, we are going to destroy the very reason that makes our area so desirable. So, Andrew, perhaps you might consider a move to LA, New York or even perhaps Tokyo. Those places might be more to your liking.

Tom O’Keefe

Mid Roaring Fork Valley