Infante brings fresh eyes to Basalt |

Infante brings fresh eyes to Basalt

It’s encouraging to see nine citizens of Basalt step up to run for office. I have attended all of the candidate forums and believe Bill Infante deserves our vote as mayor of Basalt.

We need to move Basalt forward and away from the troubles of the past. Rob Leavitt and Bill Kane are nice guys, but they have both served on past administrations and had their chance to make a difference. Now it’s time for a fresh perspective and it’s imperative that we distance ourselves from the divisiveness of the past administration. More than once I have heard Kane and Leavitt speak extensively of their connections to Aspen, which made me realize Bill Infante is the only candidate fully focused on Basalt as a vibrant small town community. Bill Infante chose Basalt, over anywhere else, as the home for his family and his business.

In the first mayoral forum, Kane stressed that the friction of the past had subsided over the past few years, and I credit those improvements to Bill Infante, who is diplomatic and focused on a common purpose and vibrant future for our town. Since he was elected two years ago, Bill Infante has been proactively out in the community, listening, consulting and collecting information to make informed decisions. He has helped to improve our town’s governance with his deep knowledge and decades of public sector leadership. He is a huge supporter of businesses in Basalt and has the vision and experience to bring business and government together for a better Basalt.

Kane retired from Basalt town government in 2012 after three years as the town Manager. Much of his career was working in Aspen, for Skico and other Aspen businesses, and I question why after eight years of retirement, his run for mayor would be good for Basalt. I believe the current mayor’s endorsement of Bill Kane is a clear signal we will have more of the same and continue the issues and roadblocks of the past. We need someone with a fresh, forward-looking perspective. I encourage everyone interested in seeing what Basalt can truly become in the future to cast their vote for Bill Infante for mayor!

Carol Hawk


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