Infante a great opportunity for Basalt |

Infante a great opportunity for Basalt

We have an enviable situation in Basalt in that we have three good candidates for mayor, but I’m urging all Basaltines to vote for William Infante. As a writer for the Roaring Fork Weekly Journal for the past year I’ve closely followed the Basalt government, and I can attest that Infante has basically redefined the position of town councilman. Unlike some other council members, he’s not trying to serve two masters whose interests may be in conflict, and he doesn’t just show up Tuesdays for the meetings. He lives the position 24 hours a day to an extent that no other council member comes close to.

More than that, though, he’s shown a direct responsiveness to his constituents that has been otherwise lacking from the Basalt government. In response to one RFWJ column, Infante organized meetings to encourage more people to run for Town Council, and when I’ve talked with him about issues, he doesn’t just nod and recite some platitude; he starts working the phones, calling Eagle or Pitkin county officials, the Forest Service, Sen. Michael Bennet’s office, the Northwest Council of Governments, or whoever might be part of a solution.

As a longtime employee of the State Department and Foreign Service, Infante knows what good governance entails and will insist on it being done in Basalt (where, let’s face it, good governance has not always been a strong point — witness the $2 million TABOR fiasco and the rescinding of the mostly unfollowed “One Percent for the Arts” ordinance). He also feels as strongly as I do that our town is not truly represented while the trailer parks and neighborhoods like Blue Lake, Sopris Village and Holland Hills are excluded from the town limits.

We’ve heard a lot of grumbling about our town government the past few years, and now we have a chance to make a definitive change and inject some much-needed new blood. I feel this is a great opportunity to set Basalt on a stronger course for the future, and as much as I like Bill Kane and Rob Leavitt, too, I think we’d be doing ourselves a disservice if we elect anyone but Infante.

Todd Hartley


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