Independent need more demorcratic election system

Western Colorado Independent Voters dissected the results of the June 26 primary election at its monthly meeting July 12 at the Glenwood Springs Library. After analyzing the primary results with a low Independent voter turnout at Colorado’s first semi-open primary, several questions arose addressing the low voter turnout. Were independent voters trying to make a statement about the new primary still not being democratic? Do independent voters see the new primary as virtually no change? Are independents fed up with voting for Democrats or Republicans in every election? Why are we as taxpayers still financing Democratic and Republican party primaries? Are they fed up with independents and third parties being treated like second-rate citizens and not having equal status with Democrats and Republicans in the election process?

After reviewing the primary results, I’m convinced that Colorado needs to move to a more democratic election system as soon as 2020. I then lead a discussion advocating a “Top Two” primary election system like California’s and a “Ranked-Choice” election like the one in Maine. I explained that this move would require another ballot initiative. WCIV members agreed that either of the two new election systems would bring more independent voter participation especially with millennials. It was quite obvious to most WCIV members that the new primary system did not work or change anything. Some WCIV members expressed strong interest in moving forward with the new election options.

Western Colorado Independent Voters will hold a full-blown discussion of the “Top Two” primary system and the “Ranked-Choice” elections and how to launch a ballot initiative supporting one of these new election systems. This discussion will take place at its next meeting Aug. 15 at 7 p.m. at the Glenwood Springs Library.

Randy Fricke

Lead Organizer, Western Colorado Independent Voters

New Castle