Independence Day for independent voters

In honor of America’s Declaration of Independence, all registered Independent voters are invited to join Western Colorado Independent Voters at our July 12 meeting as we celebrate our Declaration of Independents. WCIV’s Declaration of Independents is as follows:

Mission Statement: To promote the right of every citizen to participate fully and equally in the electoral process through education and advocacy.


1. Advocate overturning Citizens United.

2. Advocate election reform that benefits voters and not political parties.

3. Advocate for “Top Two” primary elections or a “Ranked-Choice” election system.

4. Advocate campaign election reform that places limits on the amount of funds raised.

5. Advocate campaign election reform at the state-level which excludes campaign funding from outside the state by individuals or corporations.

6. Advocate removing electoral advantages of both major political parties.

7. Advocate for a nonpartisan commission to re-write our election laws and oversee the state election process.

8. Advocate support for Colorado’s Anti-Gerrymandering Ballot Initiative for the November 2018 election.

9. Promote Independent candidates running for elective offices.

Declare your independence from the corruption of the Democratic and Republican Parties. Declare your independence from these two political parties who prevent millions of Americans from voting every election year. Join this great group of concerned citizens who advocate democracy and the freedom of choice in our elections in Colorado and America.

Western Colorado Independent Voters will meet on Thursday, July 12, 7 p.m., at the Glenwood Springs Library.

Randy Fricke

Western Colorado Independent Voters

New Castle