In Trump we trust |

In Trump we trust

I stand up and applaud President Donald Trump as any decent American born of many generations should. America First! Americans First!

When President Trump gave his inauguration speech, only he and I said twice at the same time out loud, “America First! America First!”

We said it together in harmony as I watched and heard him speak so much of the truth to the American nation while I was at the Snowmass Village Recreation Center.

For you doubters, let me give you compounded past evidence of me expressing “America First.”

It’s from January 2000 in Los Angeles County and August 2003 in Pitkin County:

“In Hollywood (and Aspen) patriotism and America First beliefs were never supported by these shallow characters.” (“Flight of Movie-Making,” Emzy Veazy III, letters to the editor, Los Angeles Times (valley edition), Jan. 20, 2000)” (“Biting the hand that feeds us,” Emzy Veazy III, letters, The Aspen Times, Aug. 31, 2003).”

Scholarship, historical research and a deliberate future paper trail is money in the bank. Ka-ching!

Now take that to the bank! The Phoenix rises! America First!

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, California