In support of Krabloonik |

In support of Krabloonik

I strongly support the continued operation of Krabloonik, under Danny Phillips. My wife and I enjoyed the joy and thrill of a dogsled ride there in January. I hope that other locals and Snowmass visitors will do so in the future.

In regards to the myopia Snowmass Town Council meeting on Monday, one must be aware that in Bill Fabrocini’s metaverse, children are not allowed to see images of reindeer being forced into harnesses to pull a sleigh at the winter solstice — unless that child has inspected, personally, the reindeer stable!

And Mayor Bill Madsen’s comment about dog droppings along the trail should be edited to remind all that currently Town Council does not require deer and elk to wear diapers!

Malin Howard

Snowmass Village