In defense of reasonable development in Basalt |

In defense of reasonable development in Basalt

I am growing weary of the divisive and unsupported rhetoric surrounding the opinions of those who support the town of Basalt expending more money for purchasing additional park land on the Pan and Fork property.

My wife and I lived in old town Basalt and now live in the Willits area, but our opinion remains the same: We support reasonable and proportional development of the Commercial Development Corp. property using private dollars. It would seem more informative if the proponents of more park land would make their arguments not on the morals and motives of those who support reasonable development, but more on why additional park land will improve our lives and make Basalt an even more viable testament to balanced land usage.

We adopted our position not because of a moral equation that dictates that buying more park land is somehow more morally defensible than limited and appropriate development, nor because it was borne out of a philosophical or financial interest we have in advancing the wants or wishes of developers. We are just citizens of Basalt who don’t want more tax dollars spent that will do nothing to encourage visitors and residents to stay in our community.

We believe privately funded and reasonable development will improve our tax base, encourage visitors to stay and frequent local businesses, and accomplish that and more without eroding in any way the life and environment that is the reason we love living here.

Kent Whinnery