In defense of Aspen High and its principal

Regarding the letter to the editor, “Aspen High School going for woke?”, by Chad Klinger (April 20, The Aspen Times)

Chad — I don’t know who you are or where you taught, but I believe that you are the one speaking “gobbledygook.”

I taught with Sarah Strassburger when she was an English teacher. She was a good teacher, a good person and from what I hear from former colleagues, is doing an excellent job as the Aspen High School principal. Have you ever met, or talked to Sarah? Also, what is the problem with an inclusive and equitable school? You state that “This too will pass.” And be replaced by what, exclusive and inequitable? Huh?

Lastly, your charge of “30 to 40 years of steadily mounting Marxist, woke ideology in our schools” does not cohere with my 32 years of teaching social studies at Aspen High School. Perhaps you can share when you visited Aspen High School and observed Marxist indoctrination. When I was there, I observed teaching of subject matter and encouragement of critical thinking skills.

Kirk Gregory