Impressed with younger generations new-found activism |

Impressed with younger generations new-found activism

Old poops like me try to dis the younger generation because they can’t make change, write without a keyboard or read a clock with hands. Who cares?

I’m impressed with their activism. Look at the millions that have walked out of school in support of the #NeverAgain movement against gun violence. A growing number of millennials are getting involved in climate issues. Young women are at the forefront of the #MeToo/Times Up crusade against sexual abuse.

Studies show activists make better students. They’re staying current and getting involved rather than sitting in their bed/dorm rooms getting stoned, playing computer games and listening to rap music.

From one generation to another:

People try to put us down

Just because we g-g-get around

They say cool is awful c-c-cold

Hope I die before I get old

— The Who

Fred Malo Jr.