Important work by Aspen Journalism affects us all |

Important work by Aspen Journalism affects us all

My thanks to The Aspen Times for its collaboration with Aspen Journalism.

Brent Gardiner-Smith, the founder, editor and head of the water desk at Aspen Journalism, is so well informed on water matters that readers of his articles can learn the facts about water rights and issues in the Roaring Fork Valley, and the rights that divert water from our valley east through the divide and call water from our valley downstream in the Colorado River.

Now is a time of deep concern that in the very near future there will be less water with which to feed and serve more and more people, and still sustain our natural environment. Gardiner-Smith’s clear and understandable articles will help us comprehend these changes, and the adjustments we will be required to make.

Also, thanks to the donors to Aspen Journalism’s nonprofit organization for keeping this valuable resource available.

Bill Jochems