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I’m back and traffic is still bad

I’m back in Aspen-Snowmass for the summer. How lucky we all are to be here, whether we live here or just come for a vacation.

And for another Summer we again face worse than ever traffic delays into and out of town, and parking shortages in town. When will the city do something about this? Maybe never!

But one solution seems simple and available. There are a huge number of parking spaces right outside of the city in the Intercept and Buttermilk lots that sit empty all day long. On top of that, it is only a short bus ride into town. I don’t understand why the city doesn’t implement a system that would encourage use of these lots, and discourage driving into town and parking in the core. Some sort of fee structure and non-stop shuttle service should be tried.

Imagine how much of an improvement could happen if all those spaces were filled with cars that otherwise would have traveled into town and parked in the core.

Eric Simon

Snowmass Village