Illuminating thoughts

Props to the Creperie du Village for their thick cushions and throws. Being warm enough is the goal for outdoor cafe living. Like the rest of the world’s economies (transportation, electricity production, manufacturing), the restaurant sector is switching from burning dino fuel to renewables. Think magnetic induction stove tops and Paris banning outdoor fossil fuel patio heaters (effective spring 2021).

The answer for Aspen’s outdoor winter dining scene is multiple. Wearing enough of the appropriate clothing (loaner accoutrements?) should be foremost. I love my Ororo electric vest with three levels of warmth. Second should be electrically heated seat cushions, some are just for the bum and some include your backside too. Amazon has a large (33 inches by 17 inches) love-seat size pad for $24.

Lastly, the answer includes being realistic. Burning lines of incandescently bright heaters on a cold winter evening with zero customers is just a good way to speed up global warming. Council should pass a “no idling” law for gas heaters to protect our winters. And those gas heaters with the vertical central visible flame shouldn’t be used as advertising; get some LED illumination.

Tom Mooney