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I’ll be voting for change and Kimbo

The only constant is change. We get told so all of our lives and yet when change comes, we often try to resist it. The lament of locals and visitors alike is that “Aspen has changed,” and it’s easy to point fingers. Blame the developers, blame the council, blame the voters.

But at the end of the day, history is written by those who show up. Kimbo has been one of the people who have shown up over and over again. She has volunteered her time and resources — even as a working mom — to community boards, various organizations and important causes.

We can try to fight change, but we will lose. Instead, we can work together to make sure that the evolution of our community is balanced by an ethos of community first. My mom moved here in the ’70s, and was kind enough to raise me in this wonderful little town. It was hard then to figure out how to make a life in Aspen work, and it’s harder now.

But we can make it a little easier. We can invest in smart growth that puts people and sustainability center stage. We can invest in smarter solutions to parking and transportation. We can make sure that working moms like Kimbo have better access to child care.

Nothing is beyond our reach, but it takes leadership. Kimbo has shown up over and over again to make this community better, because that is what leaders do.

She’s got my vote.

Gordon Bronson


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