Ikon impact has nothing on Gorsuch ‘Megaplex’ | AspenTimes.com

Ikon impact has nothing on Gorsuch ‘Megaplex’

So, apparently, a sizable portion of our local skiing populace is pretty bent out of shape about the increased skier visits from Ikon Pass holders. I noticed that The Aspen Times is conducting an online poll that asks readers their opinion of how that pass has affected skiing on our local mountains.

Understandably, the results have been greatly overshadowed by the results of our new March elections, so here’s a recap. The poll gives four options to choose from, and as of Wednesday afternoon, the choice that the overwhelming majority of readers have identified with is “I feel like I’m skiing at Vail.”

Just wait until you ski down Norway, um, I mean Strawpile, to the Gorsuch Megaplex and stop in for the $29.99 burger and beer special (truffle fries not included), then you’re really gonna feel like you’re skiing at Vail! A decade’s worth of increased Ikon Pass visits won’t affect our slopes the way that monstrosity is going to.

Rodney Hill