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Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance truly is bliss for people like Tom Bliss who recently came to the conclusion that I must regret my past letter because somehow, I was incorrect in my assessment of the Biden admin wanting war with Russia (“Chasing ignorance,” letters, Feb. 26, The Aspen Times). People like Tom would claim (based on what he’s been told by cable news) that Putin invaded Ukraine because he is simply a madman. Wouldn’t it be great if geopolitics was that simple? Here are a few questions to dig deeper into the idea that maybe the U.S. is looking for a fight:

1. Did the Ukrainian people vote in 2014 for the current leadership or was the previous leader removed by a U.S.-backed revolution?

2. Did our current president have any personal vested interest in Ukraine during this period?

3. Was NATO, heavily financed by the U.S., looking to add Ukraine to its membership and thus able to place missiles right on Russia’s border?

These are the exact types of things that few people acknowledge, and yes, I consider these actions looking for a fight. We meddle in other countries’ affairs and are shocked when they respond. This is called blowback. For perspective, how would Americans feel if Russia, China and Iran formed an alliance and then got Canada to join, which enabled them to put missiles on our northern border? That is what NATO is effectively doing by looking to add Ukraine to its membership.

So, to answer Tom’s question: No, I do not regret my letter. I kind of regret writing this response since I know people like Tom view complex geopolitical situations as checkers when it is closer to 4-D chess.

And here is what will happen next: Letters will come in claiming I support Putin just like people were terrorist sympathizers back in the early 2000s for questioning why we were going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan when most of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia.

Chase McWhorter


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