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If you don’t want it printed, don’t criticize ADN

The Aspen Daily News has touted itself lately as the champion of free speech and a free press, but from my perspective the paper seems almost exclusively interested in providing a platform for speech and issues that conform to its partisan, one-sided narratives.

I recently penned a letter to the ADN critical of its biased reporting on a lecture hosted by the Cornerstone Christian Center on June 13. A week later I reached out with an email asking if the paper would be printing the letter.  I have yet to receive a response, so I’ll take that as a “no.”  Although my comments may no longer be timely regarding the Cornerstone presentation on June 13, perhaps they are still relevant in light of the Daily News’ campaign to be seen as the standard bearer of journalistic integrity, as well as recent toxic attacks on the Cornerstone Church and its pastor coming from an Illinois congressman.

To the Editor, Aspen Daily News (a couple weeks ago)

I thought editorials were reserved for the opinion page, but apparently that’s not the case when the Aspen Daily News is bashing conservatives and anyone who deviates from the progressive gospel of groupthink. A Daily News staff writer, in his 6/14/22 front page headline, labels historian David Barton a “propagandist” and relies, ironically, on propaganda from the Southern Poverty Law Center to bolster his accusation. 

Apparently the “journalists” at the ADN missed the memo about SPLC, a once respected civil rights organization, going off the rails several years ago when it began labeling as hate groups anyone to the right of Chesa Boudin.  If exposing an audience to a fact-based summary of American history (as David Barton did in his recent presentation at the Cornerstone Christian Center) is now considered propaganda, then two plus two really does equal five.

The ADN’s editorial hit-piece, masquerading as a news story, could have at least paid lip service to journalistic integrity or pretended to be unbiased by seeking comments from David Barton or Cornerstone. But the accused were afforded no opportunity to respond to the Daily News’ allegations or the indictments of the sources upon which the ADN story relied. Although I may not share the same religious faith as Mr. Barton, I believe he is a messenger inspired by scholarship, compassion, and tolerance, which is more than I can say for our local legacy media and its slavish devotion to the dogma of woke orthodoxy.

Doug Weiser

Old Snowmass

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