If Aspen employers pay more, they’ll hire more

A sign posted at a Lincoln, Nebraska, Burger King explains the issue described by Rick Carroll, who wrote “Labor pains hit Aspen when at its busiest.” The sign read, “We all quit. Sorry for the inconvenience.” (July 18, The Aspen Times)

Surveys show that more than three quarters of those who were laid off from the hospitality business want to work in another sector. Thanks to retirements and new opportunities, such as Amazon, there are many opportunities.

There is a solution. Double or triple wages for good employees. Money is an amazing incentive. As the United States’ bastion of financial greed, every employer in Aspen is running to win the gold. The potential employees know this. They see a $500 bonus as chump change, especially if they must spend three hours on the bus getting to and from work. They want their share.

Employers who hope that changes in the unemployment program will force the serfs back to work at old wages. They fail to note that new monthly child care payments will be much larger than the unemployment benefits.

Cache Cache, a restaurant we love, is confronted with a shortage of line cooks and has cut business, according to the Aspen Daily News. Were they to double wages and raise prices, they would have no problems. The wealthy Aspen customers would not notice the price increase.

Philip Verleger