Ideas that ground me |

Ideas that ground me

My top three intellectual influences at university were (and still are) Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, R. Buckminster Fuller, and Joseph Campbell, the world’s expert on realizing that we are all more alike than not. Their ideas keep me grounded. They were/are above political partisanship. Their goals still are living well, following your bliss, doing more with less, and not trashing the planet.

All three promoted curiosity and looking at the bigger picture where connections and similarities abound among seemingly separate ethnic cultures and religions. When the news gets too dark for me with record wildfires, droughts, famine, starvation, floods, hurricanes and derechos, I turn to them. Whether you rent or own you are paying for all of it; the insurance companies just raise their rates. Home insurance costs are up a record amount.

It’s time to ditch fossil fuels. This means never buying another fossil fuel car. Electric motors have a long history of evolution. The first rotor was built in 1827 and it still works! Electric motors have gotten complicated. DC or AC? Single phase, double or triple? Doing their work they generate heat, which isn’t a problem if they operate in a cold environment.

Powering a vehicle on a summer road means you have to remove the heat from the motor and that has traditionally been their limiting factor. With instant maximum torque their power output is rated by both continuous and peak levels. The best electric motors for vehicles have liquid cooling and can operate continuously pushing a semi truck up a long mountain pass. New to the field of electric motors is the use of the magic of induction, contactlessness induction eliminates friction and the need for rare earth element magnets; and smaller equals less maintenance and expense and more efficiency.

Tom Mooney


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