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I think I caught coronavirus and here’s how it felt

I feel compelled to write about my bout with COVID-19.

I caught it in Waikiki on Jan. 1. Hawaii has many mainland Chinese tourists and I stayed at a hotel that had many.

I feel I caught it in the elevator. It wasn’t any more severe than a common cold, but the symptoms are quite different as there is no runny nose, it was mostly congestion which I hacked up often, fever of 99 and a cough. I was slightly tired, but never stayed in.

When the word of the coronavirus spread I had no idea I had had it, it sounded awful. Then I heard on TV that conjunctivitis almost always comes with COVID-19. On Jan. 4 I had seen a doctor because my eyes started to burn. They were crusty and oozed green pus just a few days after the virus hit me, and the doctor confirmed I had conjunctivitis (pink eye).

I now understand that the common cold also kills people, as with COVID-19, it kills those with underlying issues.

My husband, who is “at risk” (well, so am I!) lived in the hotel room with me the entire time, six weeks. We shared food and drink (by accident) and he never caught it.

I hope that soon this is seen as much ado about nothing. It pains me to see how paranoid people are. It seems we aren’t paranoid about risking a wonderful tourist spot, the lives of our young and the future of America.

Donna Thompson