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Hypocritical elitists, not Boebert, above reproach

As a deplorable Neanderthal, methinks the constant barrage of “Rep. Boebert is uncivil, and we need more civility in D.C.” is not a message that will resonate enough for her to lose come November.

What us hillbilly, low-IQ types find uncivil is when establishment D.C. elitists and their hypocritical, self-righteous supporters put other countries and special interests above what is best for their own citizens. Below are just the latest actions out of D.C. that scream incivility and hypocrisy, but again, my lack of cognitive ability likely impairs me from comprehending how all these actions are moral and civil. Only a highly elitist mind could bend enough to come up with an articulate explanation to justify this blatant hypocrisy.

— Sending money to Ukraine to help protect their border and sovereignty while the crisis at our own border continues to spiral.

— Labeling parents domestic terrorists for simply being active/vocal/critical at school board meetings.

— Watching cities burn all of 2020 while left-wing politicians (i.e. California’s 43rd District) encourage violence and promote sites to fund bail for violent criminals.

— Seeing Afghanistan handed back over to the Taliban after 20 years of U.S. soldiers coming home maimed or in flag-draped boxes while citizens are saddled with trillions in debt and war hawks (on the right and left) want to start more wars.

— Homeland Security creating a “misinformation board” to make themselves the ultimate arbiters of truth.

When someone speaks of “civility” in Washington, they are really saying two things:

— “When someone gets elected and comes to D.C., they should practice civility with their new D.C. colleagues and sell out those who elected them.”

— “Us professional politicians, not an outsider like Lauren Boebert, should be free to operate without criticism because someone like her and her deplorable supporters don’t know what is best for them.”

The good news is I have until November to develop the elitist part of my brain and truly understand “civility.”

Chase McWhorter



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