Huff didn’t deserve to be fired |

Huff didn’t deserve to be fired

I am appalled and astonished by the decision to fire Uncle Huff (Paul Hufnagle) over a $400 gift that he did not ask for and more than deserved (“Cash gift proves too costly for ousted Pitkin County deputy,” Dec. 28, I am not related to Huff by blood, but Huff became apart of my family (like he has too many others) when he was my school resource officer.

Huff was always there for me (and any student in need) not only as a deputy or a teacher, or even just a friend, but as a father figure and mentor. His impact on my life alone is immeasurable but is certainly greater than $400. If this is truly about the money, I would be more then happy to reimburse $400 to have Huff back helping the kids in this community.

Zach Maraziti