HPC members did their homework, made right call

Congratulations to Aspen Historic Preservation Commission board member Roger Moyer and freshman commissioner Jodi Surfas for standing tall in support of Aspen’s HPC guidelines.

Despite a professional presentation by the city planner and very clever presentation by the developer’s agent, both Moyer and Surfas had done their homework and determined that the proposal clearly violated HPC guidelines.

I was particularly impressed that Surfas, a newly appointed board member, had carefully studied the guidelines and was not at all hesitant in their defense while Moyer knew the subject cold and charmingly as well as eloquently defended the city’s obligation to follow its own rules. Despite huge pressure from both the city planning department, the developer, and his agents, Surfas and Moyer clearly saw that the proposal simply was, despite repeated assertions, echoed by our planning department and the developer (uncritically echoed by the press), that the project was clearly non-compliant.

I am proud to live in a city that has folks like Moyer and Surfas defending simple logic, common sense and the rule of law. Having chosen Aspen as our last home, I and my wife are beyond pleased by your courage in the face of great pressure. By your actions you have defended our belief in the goodness and rationality of Aspen’s government. Thanks, guys!

Ray Stover