How’s my Aspen? Not so good these days |

How’s my Aspen? Not so good these days

Who else is sick of the new “Pseudo Aspen”?

1. No Fourth of July celebrations — patriotism is replaced by a stationary parade and shopping at decorated stores.

2. No Ducky Derby — this tradition of ducks going down the river is replaced by 225 balls going down a mountain outside of town.

3. Small Victorian houses with ocean liner-sized additions built beside them, dwarfing the historic reason they were not to be torn down.

4. Permits to build a home are over $400,000 to start — city government extortion at its worst.

5. The Music School — best music ever and three sections are closed off. How can they survive?

6. Recycle bins — only grass clippings and glass are allowed. No cardboard or paper products? What a joke.

7. Cottonwood trees — these falling down, dangerous and rotting trees are considered “endangered species” by the Parks Department. Most communities ban these; it actually takes an attorney to get a permit to remove at unbelievable expense and process.

8. The roundabout is to be replaced after 20 years. Why? And with what? Most cities install them when traffic increases.

9. Any job you need a permit for, are charged an inordinate amount for the city to review your request and have to pay whether approved or not.

I encourage everyone to go to the Aspen City Council meetings Monday nights to try to question their decisions. You will only experience humiliation and put-downs for even questioning what they are doing or offering differing opinions. Longtime residents are actually treated worse than the new. History means nothing to the new “Pseudo Aspen.”

Denice Volk


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