Howl no to wolves in Colorado |

Howl no to wolves in Colorado

Well, it now looks like we will soon have wolves living in close proximity to us. By us, I mean all of Western Colorado. If not by their own migratory instincts, then by the well-meaning (?) folks on the Front Range who can simply outvote us.

Of course at the same time, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is about to start culling (killing) male bears and mountain lions in order to save and help our mule deer population survive and thrive.

Are you just messing with us?

These new neighbors (wolves) are going to go through these herds of mule deer and elk, and big horn sheep, and mountain goats, and moose, dogs, etc, like wasting disease, hunting, road kill, etc. couldn’t begin to. And then wolves will live here, forever!?

But the good news is, Parks and Wildlife won’t have to go out and “cull” the herds. Instead they will soon be trying to ”cull” the wolves, presumably out of aircraft.

And yes, this is a NIMBY issue — for us all.

So while wolves don’t have Ikon Passes, they do have big and small game licences (year round)!

Please, let’s try to keep these new neighbors out of here, and vote against the reintroduction of wolves.

Walter Keith