How to reduce gas consumption |

How to reduce gas consumption

Thanks to Russ Andrews for pointing out the challenge we face to stop using fossil fuels (“Aspen Skiing Co.’s hypocrisy knows no bounds,” letters, Dec. 16, This means reexamining the usual practices of burning gasoline. That includes all kinds of vehicle-racing as well as operating a major tourist destination. The traditional three “Rs” of environmentalism are reduce, reuse and recycle. A fourth “R” has been put first: refuse.

Even the “hallowed” Patagonia outdoor gear company promotes not buying a new jacket if the existing one does the job. Ironically, sales increased. People can buy something new and feel they are “environmentally correct.” Great marketing. But misses the mark.

It would be useful to make a list of ways to reduce fossil fuel use. Stop racing gas-burning vehicles. Limit the use of gas-burning vehicles. Limit private airplanes. Ban fire pits, open shop doors and heated pavement. Ban heating buildings with fossil fuels. Easy to start a list.

Patrick Hunter